ACS880 variable speed inverter drive from ABB UK


ABB low harmonic ACS800-31


The ACS880 is ABB UK’s latest series of industrial drives designed for maximum energy saving and productivity.  A built- in energy saving calculator allows users to monitor actual energy used and its value in Pounds, together with saved kWh, MWh and CO2 reduction, allowing the fine-tuning  of processes to ensure optimal energy use.  The energy optimiser function also ensures the maximum torque per ampere, reducing energy drawn from the supply.


Track energy use

Tracking the energy use of the process is made easier with the drive’s new control panel design, which features an intuitive high-contrast and high-resolution control display enabling easy navigation. Many flexible data visualisations including bar charts, histograms and trend graphs are included to help users analyse processes.  The messages are customisable for specific terminology for applications.


The common architecture of the ACS880 series offers a lower cost of ownership: less training is required as all drive ranges are similar, while it also offers lower maintenance costs and reduces spare parts which are common across the range.


The new architecture enables ACS880 to control virtually any type of AC motor, in either open loop or closed loop through its 4th generation motor control platform, direct torque control (DTC).  The architecture also allows the drive to interface across all major fieldbus protocols as well as remote monitoring solutions.


Simplified monitoring

An integrated USB port allows easy connection to the Drive Composer PC tool, which offers fast and harmonised start-up, commissioning and monitoring.  The free ‘entry’ version provides start-up and maintenance capabilities while the professional version of the tool provides additional features such as customer parameter windows, control diagrams of the drives configuration, basic parameter programming and safety settings.  The control diagrams save users from browsing long lists of parameters and help to set the drive/s logic quickly and easily.


The ACS880 is designed to control a wide range of applications such as extruders, cranes,  winches, winders, conveyors, mixers compressors pumps and fans.  The drive offers an extensive range of options including EMC filters, resolvers, encoders, I/O options and brake resistors.  Integrated safety functions include safe torque off (STO) as standard.


The drive is offered with IP21 enclosure class, while IP55 class for dusty and wet environments is also available.  The IP55 variant occupies the same physical footprint as the IP21 unit.


See ACS880 on YouTube


ACS880 is available in the UK at discounted prices from 999 Inverters


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