Schneider Electric releases new ECO 2.0 energy saving visualisation software tool for HVAC

Schneider Electric releases new ECO 2.0 energy saving visualisation software tool for HVAC


With Schneider Electric’s new ECO2.0 software tool uses can quickly and easily visualise the immediate energy savings and payback that can be achieved when replacing a regular solution in an HVAC pump and fan application with an Altivar variable speed drive.


For use with Altivar 212 and Altivar 61 and ATV61 Plus fan and pump drives the new software enables users to instantly see energy savings and make efficient decisions.  You can: compare your energy consumption with and without an inverter drive; calculate the payback period; visualize reduction of CO2 emissions, and generate performance reports.


ECO2.0 is a utility software designed to estimate potential energy savings achievable when using an Altivar variable speed drive solution instead of a standard mechanical solution.  It is available for mobile media and can be installed on PCs, smart phones, and tablets. Users get real-time information on the energy savings from wherever they are.



– ECO2.0 improves energy efficiency decision making

– Saves time when determining the size and the cost of the equipment

– Easy local and remote access to the application

– Estimate quickly the payback period (results stated in general terms, non-contractual)

– Cumulate estimates for your installation: up to 10-motor applications

– Export useful data related to your project

– Potential energy savings

– Product data sheet(s)

– ECO2.0 is available for PCs, smart phones and tablets



– Processes and Machines: Machines, Industry and Infrastructures

– Buildings: Commercial and Residential

– Data centres


Software download for PC           


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