Altivar 212 reduces costs and boosts operating efficiency


Schneider Electric has designed the Altivar 212 variable frequency drive (VFD), to minimise the energy losses during power conversion and to accurately control motor speeds.  Altivar 212 covers motor powers between 0.75 kW and 75 kW for HVAC applications.


By controlling centrifugal pump and fan applications with variable speed drives, users can eliminate the need for air flow dampers, inlet guide vanes, and throttling valves, thereby reducing both energy and maintenance costs.

Maximise energy savings and lower facility energy bills.

It is generally assumed that VFDs drives from most manufactures provide similar rates of energy savings.  However, the Altivar 212 has been optimised for efficiency and to provide additional savings.


According to Schneider, by utilising an Altivar 212 drive, you can achieve a 3 – 5 percent operating efficiency improvement over a typical VFD on centrifugal loads, based on typical duty cycle and energy costs.


Improved design leads to better results


The Altivar 212 VFD includes critical design features that enable it provide marked improvement in operating efficiency over typical AC drives used in pump and fan applications. These are:

– Unique, optimised power section
– Engineering of the motor control algorithm to provide stable operation even if the power line varies within specification

The power section design optimisation is accomplished by reducing the DC bus capacitance value to approximately 3 – 5 percent of the capacitor value of an equivalent kilowatt, typical AC drive. This results in a reduction of total input current draw lowering input current harmonics and input line RMS current values.


By eliminating line reactors, swinging chokes, and DC bus chokes, the power section has less resistance, which reduces energy losses and contributes to significant efficiency improvement offered by the Altivar 212 drive.


The engineering of the motor control algorithm and the powerful motor control processor are used to produce a smooth, sinusoidal waveform to the motor. The motor control algorithm and processor are engineered to manage DC bus ripple and produce a smooth, sinusoidal current waveform to the motor making it suitable for powering motors on centrifugal pump and fan applications.


The result is that the Altivar 212 drive operates more efficiently and provides additional installed cost savings compared to typical AC drives on centrifugal pump and fan applications.


Schneider data bulletin: Improve operating efficiency and reduce installed cost with Altivar 212 adjustable speed drives


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