IMO Jaguar drive replaces controls on existing slip ring motor installation

In the first of two applications, the client was increasingly having positioning problems with a long travel gantry crane used for handling stone and steel sections. The crane was controlled by an 11kW slip-ring motor which used resistors for speed selection.  Due to the motor’s age, the engineers were concerned that to install a variable speed drive meant they would have the additional cost of replacing the motor.  They were advised to call in IMO.


After checking both the application and the slip-ring motor, the IMO engineer recommended control using a Jaguar VXM drive with vector control (the Jaguar VXM has now been superceded by the new Jaguar VXG model) . The drive performed faultlessly and the client benefited from much smoother and precise control on the crane, allowing them to better position large sections of stone and steel with greater precision, even when we are undertaking tandem lifts. This led to a second application


A dimension saw in the woodworking shop did not comply with regulations which required it to be able to stop within 10-seconds. The existing installation used DC Injection Braking but this was causing motors to burn out, and the client lost motors two in quick succession.


IMO recommended a Jaguar VXR drive fitted with a small braking resistor, and this resolved the burn out problems.  An additional benefit was that it also provided much smoother acceleration and more importantly extremely fast – and smooth deceleration well within the target 10-seconds.


To determine just how quickly the motor could be stopped the client tested the installation and it registered a braking time of less than 2-seconds. This was achieved within the motor-rated current, so there were no further problems with the saw motor.


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