IMO Jaguar offers energy saving inverters without capital expenditure (CAPEX)

IMO Jaguar self funding brochure


Despite the massive energy savings and short payback times available by installing variable speed drives to some motor applications, the CFO still says Non! due to CAPEX.


Typically, CAPEX is incurred when a business spends money to buy fixed assets with a useful life extending beyond the taxable year.  But despite the savings, if there is no cash available for CAPEX then there are no saving-unless you use an IMO Self Funding Energy Saving Scheme.


Delivered with no capital outlay

The Energy Saving Scheme from IMO can deliver energy savings without any capital outlay.  Using the scheme the system is supplied and installed before any payments are made and funding comes from the energy savings


Traditional fans and pumps are hugely inefficient consumers of energy because in many applications dampers and valves are used to control the flow rate.  The alternative is to control the speed of the motor using an electronic variable sped drive (VSD).


Cube Law

By using a VSD to electronically reduce the speed of the fan or pump motor, the power actually reduces by the cube of the speed change-called Cube Law.  This means a 20% reduction in motor speed equates to a 50% reduction in energy consumed.  These saving are also far greater than turning the motors on and off all the time


Applications include swimming pools pumps, air handling units and a wide variety of applications, but to be sure you will save money, part of the package is an on-site survey by an IMO engineer.  The engineer will assess the application and estimate the expected savings.


The energy saving payback period following variable speed drive introduction is typically 12 to 18 months. Therefore IMO Jaguar’s unique FIVE year warranty makes it the only inverter in the world that actually underwrites your energy cost savings.


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