IMO Jaguar drives saving €1000 per day in mixer application.



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Installing IMO Jaguar inverter drives has enabled a manufacturer of paper bleaching agents to win the fight against rising energy costs. The manufacturer, Tielle S.R.L. is benefiting from savings of €1000 per day in production costs following the installation of eight 280kW IMO Jaguar drives to grinding mixers at its plant in North West Italy.


In an application that demonstrates the potential for energy saving with AC drives, outside of the normal areas such as pumps, fans and compressors.  To save energy, the Italian engineers initially made mechanical changes such as changing the diameter and shape of the paddles in the eight large mixing vessels used sequentially in the manufacture of the bleaching agent. However, the quality of the finished product could not be guaranteed using this method.



Following a visit to the company by an IMO applications engineer, each mixing vessels was equipped with a vertically mounted 250kW/400v/4-pole motor to drive the grinding paddles through reduction gearboxes.  Working closely with IMO, a local system builder installed the 8-IMO Jaguar 280kW variable frequency drives in a substation, adjacent to the mixing hall control the motors and provide energy savings.



This involved leaving the original motor cables in place, but diverting them from the existing starter panels into the inverter modules. In addition, local and remote controls were installed for stop and start, frequency control, and system monitoring. Finally, each inverter was fitted with a DC reactor to limit the harmonic distortion in the factory power supply.



Once installation was complete, each inverter was tuned to its respective motor and commissioned by IMO engineers. The result is that the original mixer configuration was re-instated, but operating at a reduced inverter/motor frequency of approximately 42Hz. This reduction in running speed and motor current is maintaining the high product quality and saving Tielle €1000 per day in energy savings.


Download IMO energy saving case study here


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