Is your plant operating at its full potential? Plant Struxure knows


How would you even begin to find out? If you don’t have a collaborative architecture for monitoring and control, that question may be difficult to answer.


To find out if your plant is operating at its full potential  Schneider Electric has introduced its PlantStruxure architecture: a collaborative automation solution providing users with real-time visibility for optimised efficiency.


PlantStruxure is built on open architecture technologies that allow transparent communications between field, process, plant and enterprise. Its Ethernet based network technologies and web services provide the efficient sharing and distribution of information between sensors, instrumentation, devices, automation controllers, operator workstations and other third party systems.



PlantStruxure meets your challenges of:


– Flexibility to update or expand the existing architecture
– Operating the plant smoothly and efficiently from any location
– Providing real-time information to make the right decisions
– Identifying the root cause of a problem to quickly minimise downtime
– Collecting data to improve plant profitability and efficiency information.


According to Schneider Electric, PlantStruxure offers a safe, sustainable working environment whose architecture enable plant owners to meet their automation needs and reduce project costs, general operating expenses, and energy usage, without lowering standards or compromising safety.


Download the Plantstruxure white Paper here


Go to Schneider Electric’s PlantStruxure website

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