New Omron SX inverter drives. Safe force: smooth flow


Force and Flow in Harmony

For high power drive applications Omron has introduced the SX series inverter drive for ac motors from 90kW up to 1000kW at 500-690V.


A direct torque version is available for control and vector braking of high-torque applications such as cranes, crushers, mills and mixers while a variable torque version is designed to optimise energy savings with fans, pumps and blowers.


SX inverter drives offer dedicated application functionality, programmable controller facilities and an integral LCD display that can be customised to suit the needs of the user.  SX supports a wide range of communication networks.


Direct torque models

The direct torque control used in SX inverters ensures fast response to disturbances caused, for example, by peak loads and sudden load changes, thereby protecting connected equipment against mechanical damage, and guarding against unnecessary drive tripping and downtime. The vector brake function provides further protection against interruptions to plant operation as it eliminates problems associated with excessive voltages present during braking.


Energy saving models

For fans, pumps and similar loads, the SX series drives includes an energy-saving sleep mode that stops motors completely in conditions of zero demand; an automatic pump rinse feature to protect against sludge build up in impeller pumps, and a multi-pump function that allows a single inverter to control up to seven pumps or compressors.


Shaft power monitor

The shaft power monitoring facility monitors the equipment load curve across the full speed range and compares it with user-defined warning and stop values. Harmful conditions, such as overload and underload, which might lead to plant damage and prolonged outages, are instantly detected by the drive.


All models in the range feature a compact space-saving design and all are housed in robust IP54 enclosures. To minimise installation time and costs, Class 3 EMC filters are incorporated as standard and models rated 200 kW and above are supplied with built-in fuses.

General Specification

– 500V – 690V power supply from 90kW up to 1000kW

– 400V power supply from 0.75 kW up to 800 kW

– Compact IP54 construction

– Built-in Filter according to C3 Class

– Safety according to EN13849-1 and EN62061 standards

– Load curve control

– PLC functionality

– Built-in special application functionality such as Multi-pump control or Crane applications

– Hardware customisation (Main switch, Liquid cooling, 12-pulse rectifier, etc.)

– Fieldbus communications: EtherCAT, PROFINET/PROFINET, Modbus and Modbus/TCP, DeviceNet,


Download SX datasheet


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