Omron releases Sysmac Studio Team Edition

Omron Automation has released Sysmac Studio Team Edition, a major update of its machine development environment. The team Edition provides machine developers with a fully integrated Open Source distributed version control system from Git.

Working with remote teams improves productivity. However, this becomes complicated in the maze of versions each developer team creates. Consequently, it results in the teams redoing the same task repeatedly and slowing the project pace.

Benefits of Sysmac Studio Team Edition

Using the Team Edition, users can take control of their machine automation project.  It allows them to see at-a-glance who did what, why and when. Thus, it even works with remote teams, encouraging development teams by an unprecedented visual version tracking.

Sysmac Studio integrates configuration, programming, simulation, and monitoring in a simple interface. This is important in enabling engineers to manage vision, motion, control, safety, and robotics in one system.

The Team Edition implementation of Sysmac Studio incorporates distributed version control within the platform’s rich interface. In general, it allows multiple co-developers to work on same project, with easy project comparison and efficient handling of machine versions. For this Omron chose Git, which is the most popular open source distributed control system, allowing development teams to choose any Git-based cloud repository.

Version Control

The version control allows engineers to work on local versions of a project with full control over the project source-code. Merging the local version with a remote server, allows all teams to access the improvements and modifications. The technique ensures the identification of all changes and that projects are fully traceable. Notably, this is the first  time, this is achieved easily, quickly, and easily in a user-friendly way, new to automation software.

Importantly, it reduces engineering hours, and costs, because engineers do not waste time solving the same problem multiple times.

“Team Edition of Sysmac Studio enables engineers to take control of their code,” said Josep Lario, Software PMM for OMRON EMEA. “With version control, comparison and management of machines and projects is simple. Chiefly, it boosts productivity by allowing cooperative and efficient co-development by teams working at different sites.”

Git is a free and open-source distributed version control system designed to handle large and small projects fast and efficiently. It is for the purpose of source code management in software development, and tracking changes in any set of files.

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