Can Industrial Ethernet replace dedicated motion networks?

Ethernet and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is driving manufacturing convergence with integration between the plant floor and the wider enterprise. Open communications from machine to machine and device to device are becoming commonplace. Now offering Gigabit speeds and deterministic response, it may seem there is nothing that Ethernet can’t do.   Impact of […]

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Improved productivity gives food producers a response to budget retailers

    Opportunities for increasing efficiency while at the same time reducing energy consumption are a frequently discussed topic, not least in the food industry, where productivity and profit margins tend to be low compared with other manufacturing industries. Pressure is also growing on prices in the bakery market, driven primarily by direct competition with […]

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Integrating Omron Automation extends die-cutter performance.

  How integrating Omron Automation extends die-cutter performance.   Developing an integrated drives and machine control solution from Omron Automation has allowed UK producer of label die-cutting and finishing equipment Daco Solutions, to meet converting industry needs for fast and precise changeover between die-cutting options for high output and lower-output digital print.   As Daco […]

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White paper: how embedded drives network safety boosts productivity

  In a recent white paper, Schneider Electric explores how improved safety means improved productivity. Specifically, embedded safety drives and Ethernet-networked drives lower hardware costs, increase operator safety, reduce downtime, and therefore improve overall production line performance.   Reducing downtime Today’s advanced safety technology is not just a means to ensure operator safety but is […]

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Horizontal flow pack machine that monitors its own energy usage

    Horizontal flow pack machine that monitors its own energy usage   The ACMA machine’s energy consumption measurements include energy consumption per time unit during live or standby operation are displayed on a Magelis HMI.   For years, ACMA has been offering high-performance horizontal flow pack machines with its SP2 series. The machines are […]

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