Energy saving inverter drives for fan & pump applications

Quickly estimating the energy savings available by installing variable speed drives to motors is simple as their power consumption is governed by the cube law (see earlier article).   In the example given, a 10% speed reduction saves 27% of the running cost. Energy savings calculators are also available for more complex applications, but flow applications are particularly suited to this type of […]

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Make sure your VSD has the right torque for the duty

Torque is the measure of the turning force of an object about an axis.  When applying  a variable speed drive to a motor application it is critical to consider the torque requirement of the load.   Variable speed drives manufacturers generally assign their drives into one of three categories according to their torque and power […]

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The OEM money saver: the new L Series controller from Mitsubishi

Positioned between the FX Series micro PLCs and the modular, multi-processor iQ  platform, the new L Series is Mitsubishi’s Electric’s latest programmable logic controller and uses an innovative and easy-to-expand rack-free design.     The single-CPU architecture includes built-in Ethernet and Mini-USB interfaces, a SD/SDHC memory card slot for program storage and data logging, and […]

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MX4 finding new ways to save energy

Finding new ways to save energy year after year is a major challenge when you have an ongoing energy saving programme.  That’s why Trelleborg’s flagship Industrial Anti-Vibration Mounts plant in Leicester, UK, has installed a Mitsubishi Electric SCADA solution with integrated MX4 Energy software to monitor and control the plant’s energy use. Since its installation […]

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