Schneider Active Front End for ATV61 and ATV71


Image of Achneider Adctive Front End

Altivar Active Front End (AFE) for ATV61 and ATV71


An increasing number of AC drives are controlled by inverters. This, combined with the other electronic control technologies can make harmonics a major issue for industrial customers.


An Active Front End from Schneider Electric is used to reduce the mains current harmonics as well as to return excess energy to the mains. It makes it possible to save energy by reducing the share of reactive power and the costs can be reduced because the accumulating energy is returned to the mains.


Used with Altivar ATV61 orATV71

The Active Front End is an option for the Altivar 61/71 drives. With it the ATV61 and ATV71 standard frequency inverters becomes low harmonic drives by connecting the Active Front End in series. The AFE is connected upstream of the standard frequency inverter and consists of three components:
– Active infeed converter – AIC
– Line filter module – LFM (EMC filter, line contactor and charging circuit)
– Line filter choke – LFC (3 parts)


When installed, the AFE provides 4-quadrant operation and is ideal for all applications with a generator operating mode. The use of a new control concept and a filter module reduce the total current distortion factor THD(i) to a value of less than 4%.


Use with multiple drive

The supply via a common DC bus enables one AFE to be used for group of drives, as in sheet metal processing machines or roller conveyors. In this case the total power of the inverters can be fourfold higher than the nominal power of the Active Front End.


image of active front end with multiple inverter drives

Use with multiple drive



In addition, the parallel connection of up to four Active Front End units is used to increase the safety by redundancy and enable an increase of power, or the use of smaller Active Front End units.



– Crane applications (hoists, long travel motion)

– Downhill conveyors, winches, escalators

– Complex drive systems

– Test benches and high dynamic drives

– Pump/turbine combinations

– Low harmonic drives


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