Are you ready for Ecodesign 2017?


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Are you ready for Ecodesign 2017?


For many years inverter manufacturers have been promoting the cost saving benefits of fitting inverter drives to ac electric motors when used in suitable applications such as fans and pumps.


The science is proven and there are many cases studies available should a user wish to explore the possibility of these significant cost savings. Also, there have been numerous schemes to incentivise the use of inverter drives where cost savings are possible.


Legislation now in effect

In addition, there are Directives, forcing users to use efficient products in their projects. In January 2015, the next stage of regulation 640/2009, the Ecodesign Directive implementing measure for motors came into effect. Basically, motors with a rated output of between 7.5 to 375kW shall not be less efficient than the IE3 efficiency level, or alternatively meet the IE2 level and be used with an inverter drive. The user now needs to investigate the options, both commercially and from a technical perspective.


Obviously there is an initial purchase price difference between an IE3 and IE2 motor, but consideration should be given to the fact that probably the most significant aspect of fitting an inverter drive is the ongoing cost savings when the motor speed is reduced and these are easily worked out. But equally, the inverter can bring many more benefits to a user beyond these cost savings.


Added advantages of inverter drives

By using an inverter drive, soft start and soft stop are possible, thereby reducing mechanical shocks and therefore wear and tear, protection mechanisms are in-built into an inverter, protecting against overloads etc. and finally more and more users are connecting inverter drives onto a machine or factory network and thereby detailed information on the status of the device are available. For example, trends can be monitored in the level of inverter current, and if a increasing trend is observed, preventative maintenance procedures can be carried out before a failure occurs.


Omron Electronics supplies a comprehensive range of inverter drives and automation products.  More information on the EU legislation on Ecodesign and energy labelling can be found on the European Commission website.

See our inter drives for compliance with EC Directives


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