Optimising motor control for machine performance

As machines become more complex, efficient motor control solutions are more important than ever. Motor control covers a range of functions, including switching, short-circuit protection, overload protection, and motor management. Moreover, by optimising motor control functions, machine builders can create more dependable, sustainable, and cost-effective machines that perform better.

One of the leading trends in motor control and protection is the move towards energy-efficient solutions. Industrial customers are looking to optimise resources and costs, while also responding to the increasing demand for sustainable products. OEMs that bring smart modern technologies to reduce energy consumption, waste, and downtime bring more value to their customers.

Another key trend is the move towards digital solutions. Digital configuration tools provided by manufacturers, streamline the design process. Adding communication modules also provides remote monitoring and control, enabling operators to optimise performance and better plan maintenance. Advanced software analysis of equipment performance provides information for fine-tuning motor control applications to maximise machine availability and operational efficiency (OEE).

Optimising motor control

For optimising motor control, machine builders need to consider the scalability of their solutions. Every machine type, whether simple, advanced, or complex, needs motor control and protection optimised for its individual capabilities. Scalable solutions enable machine builders to find the right product configuration for delivering fast reliable performance and machine availability.

Schneider Electric has a complete motor management approach based on five fundamental domains of expertise. Being: expert services, advanced motor control, motor protection and control, power quality, and asset management. This approach takes all relevant electrical system and industrial process parameters into account, delivering optimal, sustainable solutions to enhance performance and efficiency while optimising investment and operating costs.

The approach builds on Schneider’s expertise and a broad product portfolio which covers 99% of motor control and protection equipment. It ranges from simple, single-function motor protection to multi-function control and protection devices. This extends to cloud based EcoStruxure Machine Advisor for remote machine access to minimise downtimes and tracking and monitoring performance. 

In summary, efficiently optimising motor control solutions is essential for creating smarter machines that perform at their best. With the right approach and expertise, machine builders can create machines that are sustainable, cost-effective, and built to perform. As part of the UK’s only Schneider Electric Master Industrial Automation Distributor, we can manage more advanced and complex industrial projects and deliver customised solutions to our customers. See what we can do for you.

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