Schneider Electric UK Magelis HMI range review Part 1


Image of Magelis HMI Series from Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric UK offers a wide range of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) to provide a control and visualisation interface between a human and a process, machine, application or appliance. The Magelis Series allows users to control, monitor, diagnose and manage and optimise this interaction.


The general purpose Magelis HMIs include simple text displays, graphical operator panels and touch screen graphical panels.  In addition there are HMI controllers which combine an HMI with P:LC functionality, ruggedized industrial PCs (iPC), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and web-based HMI Solutions.


In addition to Schneider Electric PLCs, the Magelis HMIs are compatible with a range of controllers from the UK’s leading suppliers including Mitsubishi, Omron, Rockwell and Siemens. This summary covers the Magelis general purpose HMI ranges.


Alpha-numeric, semi-graphic small HMI range

Magelis HMI (XBT-N, R, RT) are low-cost compact text, and for the RT a semi- graphic displays with serial connectivity and designed for simple and compact machines.  The High visibility display will display 1 to 10 lines of looped or scrolling text against 3-coloured backgrounds.  Multi-languages include  ASCII, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese and Chinese plus 128 customizable characters and the ability to import/export text  for translation.


Entry level Graphic Touch HMI

The Magelis STO and STU extend the Magelis low cost small panels range of compact touch and graphic entry level devices with multi-protocols and innovative mounting. The STO: 3.4” monochrome screen comes with a tool free spring clip mounting. STU: 3.5” coloured TFT, Ethernet with push button mounting offering users more flexibility, a wider range of communication options.  They are powered by Vijeo Designer.


 Graphic touch-screen HMI


-Magelis GTO

The GTO series features five screen sizes using high performance 65K colour TFT screens that provide the best-ever visualisation of Magelis range and LED backlights that allow energy saving and dimming functionality.

Communication for the Magelis GTO is optimised for remote control access, and embedded Ethernet provides easy integration in client’s IT structure.  The up to date peripheral links enable easy operating use as well as an easy maintenance.


Other ranges in the series include Magelis XBT GH, GK, GT and GTW with 3.8″ to 15″ in touch-screen, and up to 10.4″ in keypad format with serial, network and Ethernet connectivity.


-Magelis XBT GH Hand-held graphic panel.

The XBT GH is an IP65 drop resistant hand-held graphical panels designed for mobility, operability and safety


-Magelis XBT GK graphic terminal with touch-screen and/or keypad display

This XBT GK offers users an ultra-flexible user interface where touch screen and keypad keys configurable for use simultaneously or separately.


-Magelis XBT GT high performance –high visibility display

The XBT GT is designed for comfort in use and operation with a high visibility screen with TFT 65,536 colours, STN 4,096 colours or Monochrome 8/16 grey levels, according to the model. The GT also features an accurate analogue touch pad, adjustable contrast and brightness, and multi-windows with pop-up function.


-Magelis XBT GTW with Windows based open operating system

The XBT GTW terminal uses a Windows environment and allows users to navigate freely on the Web. Configured with Vijeo Designer software, the GTW’s flexible approach benefits from multimedia functions.


-USB illuminated switch for Magelis HMI

Magelis HMIZ is an intelligent illuminated switch that is more visible than an alarm on a normal HMI screen and provides quick access to acknowledge them. It enables blind or repetitive operation.  It can be used either used as an alarming console, or as function keys, and the 5 multi-colour LEDs are configured with Vijeo Designer.


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