Benefits of open platform controller for automation

  There are times in machine control that a PLC cannot give you the performance you need for a special requirement. Rather than opt for a PC or special micro controller,  a C-Controller offers an interesting alternative. Mitsubishi Electric’s C-controller can be used stand-alone controlling the I/O or integrated within the Mitsubishi Electric iQ-R control […]

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Smart glasses enhance digital transformation of production

    Mitsubishi’s smart visualisation enhances the digital transformation of production. In an increasingly competitive manufacturing environment, businesses need flexibility, improved productivity, and the capability to make gains in efficiency and reductions in downtime. Smart visualisation provides augmented reality models for manufacturing transformation.   Mitsubishi Electric is guiding users on how these requirements can be […]

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Is the rise of smart machines too challenging for UK producers?

Is the rise of smart machines too much of a challenge for UK producers?   UK manufacturing has one of the lowest robot uptake rates in the developed world at a time when productivity is on every watch list. Developing new smart technologies make improved productivity possible, and offers adopters the opportunity to differentiate themselves […]

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Smart Machines offer OEMS new opportunities to innovate

    Smart Machines offer OEMS new opportunities to innovate.   The adoption of smart machines is accelerating. Smart machine technologies in automation enhance an OEM’ s ability to innovate and deliver more value to end-users.   Machine builders have always been very innovative in developing their machines to deliver best values to their end-users. […]

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