Introduction to Schneider Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) provide a control and visualisation interface between a human and a process, machine, application or appliance. They allow us to control, monitor, diagnose and manage our applications.  The Magelis HMI Series from Schneider Electric ranges from basic text/simple displays machines 15″ touchscreen versions.   The Schneider Electric website provides a useful […]

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Schneider offers Altivar variable speed drives repair service

Schneider Electric UK is now offering an exclusive  variable speed drives repair service for their products.   Using state of the art technology, their Green Plant facility in the Midlands provides consistently high levels of quality repairs for all drives up to 45kw. All repairs are completed under one roof providing a single point of return. […]

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Where can I get a GSD file for my inverter?

Firstly what is a GSD file?   A GSD file is used to identify the basic operational characteristics of a PROFIBUS device, to aid interoperability and interchangeability. It makes it possible to have manufacturer-independent configuration tools. Typically, a GSD file includes vendor information, baudrates, timing information, the options or features supported and the available I/O […]

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Inverter variable speed drives delivered from stock at

When you need an urgent / emergency replacement variable frequency inverter drive, specialist distributor comes top for service, support and delivery.   We are the specialist inverter drives division of 999 Automation – Europe’s fastest-growing on-line specialist automation supplier. 999 Inverters provides 24 hour availability from our stock of inverter VSD products.  We have […]

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Altivar ATV212 Variable speed pump and fan control for HVAC systems

  All general purpose variable speed drives can be used in building, but the Altivar 212 AC drive from Schneider Electric goes one better.  Offering unrivalled value in installed cost and functionality for HVAC equipment, the ATV 212 is designed with buildings HVAC requirements in mind and has an impressive list of embedded buildings functions […]

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