Modicon M262 Smart IIoT integration simplifies connectivity

Industry 4.0 is transforming the way engineers and manufacturers think about factory automation. Few manufacturing companies are actively implementing it yet and many have not given it much thought. However, for machine builders the fast approaching era of digital transformation offers new opportunities if they implement smart IIoT integration platforms. Device makers are adapting their […]

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Enabling shop-floor IoT with Schneider TeSys ecosystem

For most organisations, Industry 4 is still a moveable feast. However, manufacturers buying new equipment will expect their purchases to be IoT ready or compliant-whatever that might mean. Specifically, this poses a problem for OEMs and machine builders who prefer to standardise their control systems. Schneider Electric is addressing this by enabling shop-floor IoT using […]

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How IIoT drives operational profitability improvements

IIoT gives manufacturers the ability to control their business performance in real-time and extend real-time control across their value chain. It is eliminating many of the constraints traditional technology has imposed on automation systems, particularly those that limit the ability to deliver operational profitability improvements. In a white paper Peter Martin of Schneider Electric explores […]

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Profitable safety from IIoT modernisation

  Production plants face two major challenges: the increasing speed of business and integrating emerging technologies. Both play an important role in determining organisation competitiveness needed for survival. Moving to an IIoT-enabled control environment can rendering asset and operations in a reliable, efficient way whilst maintaining profitable safety. Plant automation must not only control a […]

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