What should energy saving mean?

The second phase of the UK Government’s ESOS Energy Saving compliance programme is due in 2019. ESOS requires large companies to measure their total energy consumption and audit cost-effective energy saving opportunities. Schneider Electric is already prompting organisations to start thinking about their audits. But, it reminded me of an energy saving blog from their […]

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Advantages of safety embedded VSDs

Machinery safety is an important issue for machine builders and machine users. They have realised that safety links to performance and brand image. Unsafe environments are damaging to a company’s reputation, decreasing its performance and its applications. Makeing safety embedded VSDs a priority when designing new machines is the message from Angela Micocci’s Schneider blog. […]

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Performance metrics | What gets measured, gets done

Developed over thirty years ago and still popular today, the balanced scorecard is a management tool. It helps organisations measure their performance in relation to key aspects of their strategy, and vision. The concept has evolved over time and covers four business perspectives. Being: financial performance; customer focus; internal processes, and organisational capacity. Furthermore, key […]

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