Developing empowerment in IIoT

    IIoT is changing manufacturing, and as its adoption accelerates, it will bring new challenges for producers. But even with all the benefits of connectivity it provides, most industrial operations risk performing sub-optimally. Significantly, it will dramatically impact on the new generation of engineers and workers that control it. Schneider Electric argues that the […]

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IIoT worker participation offers advantages for producers

A recent white paper by leading automation provider Schneider Electric considers the advantages of IIoT worker participation in industrial automation. An empowered workforce can help turn existing automation control systems into industrial profit engines to drive measurable operational profitability.   Over the years, many new control strategies and initiatives have been based on the idea […]

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Benefits of wireless in automation safety

After years of suspicion, end-users are increasingly recognising the benefits of integrating wireless automation safety technologies to their industrial automation processes. According to Schneider Electric, the benefits of wireless technology in safety applications are numerous. In addition to improving safety of operators, there are also advantages in efficiency, cost, installation time and diagnostics.   Operator […]

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ECA tax incentives for energy saving drives

The Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) gives businesses a straightforward way for a business to improve its cash flow through accelerated tax relief.   The ECA Scheme for Energy Saving Technologies encourages businesses to invest in energy-saving plant or machinery. The Government’s Energy Technology List (ETL), is managed by the Carbon Trust, and lists approved […]

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VSDs as an IIoT tool for OEMs and manufacturers

In their efforts to remain globally competitive, manufacturers face many challenges including fluctuating demand, mass customization, high productivity, and consistency of quality. The machine builders (OEMs) that support them face their own set of challenges. VSDs as an IIoT tool are a differentiator for OEMs and manufacturers, giving them the ability continuously adapt machines to […]

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