Protecting motor driven systems with the correct breaker

Motor-driven systems are everywhere from processes to commercial heating, ventilating, cooling, and refrigeration. With business productivity so dependent on them, they must be correctly protected. OEM machine builders and electrical contractors need to ensure that there is a circuit breaker used on all motor-driven systems. According to Schneider Electric’s Henrique Matheus, selecting the proper type of […]

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Scheider Electric’s digital transformation offers OEMS new ways to win business

Digital transformation offers OEMs new opportunities to develop their value proposition and competitive advantage to win new orders. Several new trends are converging that make digital transformation both affordable and scalable. Now is the time for OEMs to rethink both products and services and leveraging the benefits of digitisation. Most OEMs have succeeded in optimising […]

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Replacing ATV61 and ATV71 drives with ATV630 and ATV930

Replacing ATV61 and ATV71 drives that have failed with Altivar Process Drives presents a challenge for users. Smart factories of the future depend on devices with embedded intelligence installed in equipment and machines. This means that replacements for many end-of-life devices (EoL) will be different in both size and performance from their predecessors. Schneider Altivar […]

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Commercial advantages of motor protection circuit breakers over fuses

For processing and manufacturing operations, protecting motors is crucial to maintaining productivity and managing maintenance costs. Because fuses cost less than circuit breakers, they have often been the choice for this application. But Schneider Electric circuit breakers have evolved in recent years and come into their own as users consider total cost of ownership. Comparing […]

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Introducing the new TeSys colour scheme

Schneider Electric is updating the appearance of the TeSys range with a modern elegant look to reflect their EcoStruxure range. The change affects several models from the TeSys range which will feature facia colours going from white to a robust dark grey appearance. Models affected are the Tesys U, TeSys T, TeSys GV2L and the […]

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