Developing VSD functionality for IIoT

VSD functionality for IIoT   The Internet of things is about connecting everyday equipment through the Internet. It allows people and devices to send and receive information (data) directly and to process instructions. It has many implications for producers, consumers alike. Manufacturing and commerce have similar requirements, although there are other factors to address. More […]

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Addressing wireless safety in automation

Wireless networking in automation continues to grow as users recognise the many practical benefits. However, the adoption of wireless safety in automation has been slower. Signal reliability, security and range are the leading inhibitors to wireless adoption for safety applications. But according to a white paper from Schneider Electric, this is due mainly to perceived […]

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New OEM business models

Planning and developing new machines are major investments for OEMs. There are many drivers from competitor activity, customer demand, new techlologies and new comcepts like Industry 4.0 . The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is about the value of data, but what is this data, where is it from, who is collecting it and how is […]

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Building IoT connectivity

With the focus of IoT and IIoT centred around manufacturing, it is easy to forget IoT connectivity in buildings. According to a Schneider Electric white paper, everyone has a stake in optimizing power system management of buildings. One reason is that power systems are more complex and sophisticated than ever. Failure could mean the difference […]

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What should energy saving mean?

The second phase of the UK Government’s ESOS Energy Saving compliance programme is due in 2019. ESOS requires large companies to measure their total energy consumption and audit cost-effective energy saving opportunities. Schneider Electric is already prompting organisations to start thinking about their audits. But, it reminded me of an energy saving blog from their […]

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