Persuading your management to invest in VSD inverter drives

Electrical motors are one of the main electricity consumers and it is estimated that electric motors account for almost half of the energy used in Europe and almost two-thirds of the energy used in industry.   Most engineers know that installing VSD inverter drives will save energy, especially for fan, pump and compressor applications.  The […]

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Mitsubishi FR-F700: the energy saving inverter

  Designed for fan and pump applications up to 630kW the Mitsubishi Electric’s F700 variable speed inverter drive offers a wealth of benefits for the user and installer.   The built in energy optimisation software boosts motor efficiency to unprecedented levels and intelligently maximises energy savings during acceleration, deceleration and constant speed operation.  It also […]

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Schneider ATV61: Simple energy saving for fan and pump drives

  Significant energy savings can be achieved by installing variable speed drives to the fans and pumps used in building services.  The Schneider Electric’s (Telemechanique) Altivar (ATV) 61 has been designed to manage and monitor your building’s HVAC and pumping functions.   The Altivar 61 drive reduces energy costs by adjusting motor speed to the […]

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