Mitsubishi A741 regen drive brings F1 to inverters

  When a motor load needs to be stopped quickly, dynamic braking is often used.  In an inverter drive application, this involves applying a braking torque to the motor to bring it to a stop.  The energy released during this process is normally absorbed by a braking circuit and dissipated through braking resistors in the […]

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Tech Tips for Mitsubishi Inverters users

The quickest way to optimise your use of Mitsubishi FR-series inverters is to follow the Tech Tips from their website.   The following examples show communication and configuration tips:   Tip 86 – FR-Configurator communication to D700 and E700 Inverters  Connecting FR-Configurator to the D700 and E700 Series inverters is a little different to the F700 and […]

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Inverter – Energy Saving Tool from Mitsubishi Electric

The the new Energy Savings Estimator program for Mitsubishi Electric variable speed inverter drives estimates electrical energy consumption for fan and pump applications when using an AC motor in combination with an Variable Speed Drive. The software compares the use of an Adjustable Speed Drive against conventional control methods such as outlet dampers, inlet vanes, throttling […]

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