Manufacturing Intelligence & Data Management

Concise manufacturing intelligence, and real-time and historic reports for all personnel from the plant level to the boardroom will help all involved become more in touch with the actual daily business. According to Mitsubishi Electric, this approach is essential for implementing Six Sigma projects, TPM/ TQM processes and Lean Manufacturing. These are techniques targeted to […]

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Is your Smart HMI hiding anything useful?

Modern automation systems generate large volumes of data about what is happening on a machine or production line. Smart HMIs provide an effective way of collating this date to provide up to the minute information about processes. Increasingly, manufacturing engineers are using the data held within controllers and HMIs to help them maximise efficiency and […]

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Shop floor cyber-security | you are under attack

Shop floor cyber-security   Hackers and malicious users have traditionally focused on attacking the higher-level business PCs, however now there are some signs they are increasing the scope of their focus to include shop floor systems. To this end, improving shop floor cyber-security has become critical.   Whether blackmailing businesses or causing disruption, cybercrime is […]

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CC-Link working group on open Ethernet safety

Open Ethernet safety Most people involved in manufacturing agree that the spread of open Ethernet has brought important benefits, such as enabling trends like Industry 4. However, it also has introduced new challenges, including cyber security. In the past, cyber security attracted little attention on many shop floors. Today, most engineers and technicians have securing […]

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Mitsubishi FR-A800-CRN vibration resistant VSD

  Leading variable speed drive producer Mitsubishi Electric has added a vibration resistant VSD crane application model to its FR-A800 Plus inverter drive series. Further, the enhanced vibration resistant VDS are also suitable for a wide range of applications where high vibrations are experienced. Furthermore, other uses include tunnel boring machines and marine deck cranes. […]

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