Next generation predictive maintenance gives users the edge

Next generation predictive maintenance. Industry 4.0 will make available vast amounts of data from systems and sensors in a production environment. It empowers companies to control and optimise their industrial processes to unprecedented levels. Next generation predictive maintenance tools will be early contributors. By analysing the data generated it is possible to identify early signs […]

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Deliver faster SCADA projects with MAPS 4

To overcome competitive pressures, end-users and integrators need to review every aspect of plant and machine operations. Each investment must deliver efficiencies in terms performance, reliability and operability. A SCADA software is no exception to this, and Mitsubishi Electric’s Christian Nomine looks at how the latest faster SCADA solutions can deliver these. Delivering projects faster […]

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Secure open source building automation

We are expecting to use more electricity in buildings as designers plan for a low carbon economy. While electricity demand will increase, so too will prices as we continue to fund green production. Secure open source building automation will help operators improve building responsiveness and efficiency. The government has committed to a low carbon economy. […]

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Benefits of open platform controller for automation

  There are times in machine control that a PLC cannot give you the performance you need for a special requirement. Rather than opt for a PC or special micro controller,  a C-Controller offers an interesting alternative. Mitsubishi Electric’s C-controller can be used stand-alone controlling the I/O or integrated within the Mitsubishi Electric iQ-R control […]

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