Will TSN be another disruptive communications technology?

The growth of IIoT means information has become the most important commodity for international manufacturing industries. Automation systems need the ability to handle large amounts of data at speed and Time Stamped Networks (TSN) provide this. TSN offers a non-proprietary technical solution for delivering high performance deterministic communication between industrial devices to field level over […]

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Digitising legacy production equipment pays dividends

Modern plant automation systems provide transparent monitoring of system status, plus tools such as condition monitoring or predictive maintenance. All help to reduce unscheduled downtime and improve productivity. However, the same is not true of many existing installations where the owners have yet to recognise the benefits of digitising legacy equipment from fairly simple and […]

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Moving from food producer to a smart food factory pays dividends

Food producers often operate without industrial networks connecting machines and systems across the factory floor. However, as demand increases, so does the need to improve productivity. For companies considering a move to becoming a smart food factory, network connectivity across a production site is the first step. Food producers currently span the full automation spectrum. […]

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Mitsubishi Electric MAPS 4 offers multi-functional SCADA platform

  MAPS 4 is a multi-functional SCADA from Mitsubishi Electric with object orientated control and visualisation software for demanding customers and applications. It provides a full life-cycle planning, management and integration platform for applications from manufacturing to infrastructure. An HMI version also exists for machine builders and customers wanting a lightweight localised control and visualisation […]

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New 7″ hose-proof HMI GOT2507T from Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new hose-proof HMI for harsh and demanding applications. The GOT2507T-WTSD 7″ operator terminal offers an extended operating temperature range of -20°C to +65°C and IP67F/IP66F protection. Furthermore, it has a UV resistant screen for harsh and demanding applications. Hose-proof HMI construction The new terminal needs no additional protective measures for […]

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