Altivar 600 improves the pumping driveline

  Altivar 600 improves the pumping driveline.   Most VSDs combine with other electromechanical or mechanical devices to form a driveline. However, in pumping systems, inefficiencies can reduce performance of the driveline.   For example, a mismatch between the pump deployed and the actual system need. Similarly, the improper use of throttling valves and damper […]

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Avoiding installation issues with PWM inverters

Avoiding installation issues with PWM inverters   Variable speed AC drives have become very popular because of their energy efficiency. Additionally, they offer flexible control of processes and machinery using maintenance-free AC motors. AC drives use power switching techniques and generate high rates of change of voltage. Most modern AC drives use voltage-source PWM inverters. […]

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Process orientated drives for IIoT

  By enhancing traditional technologies with more intelligence, connected solutions are transforming the workplace. Digitisation of automation devices like VSDs ensures they can output data in a computer recognisable form. Hence, the resulting connected products that enable digitisation needed for IIoT. Reflecting this trend is the Altivar Process Orientated Drives provide more data for advanced […]

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Multiple energy efficiency benefits

  Almost all capital expenditure requires a financial return. But, with energy efficiency projects, ABB sees finance as only part of the story. Moreover, they estimate investing in energy efficiency generates multiple energy efficiency benefits, adding up to 50% more added value, plus energy savings. Most companies have a hurdle rate that defines the lowest […]

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