Status of safety-related variable speed drives (VSD) in EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

  The revised Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) gives a broader definition of a safety component than its predecessor, and Gambica members who are manufacturers of electronic variable speed drives group, including Schneider Electric and Mitsubishi Electric are increasingly offering safety-related control functions in their products as a result.   This has resulted in a number of questions […]

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Understanding the new motor efficiency regulations

According to estimates, motors consume 70% of the energy used by European industry.  If you then consider life-cycle energy consumption costs are likely to be 3300% higher than the cost of the motor, it can be no surprise that EU legislation has been introduced to encourage the adoption of higher efficiency motors.  The EU estimates […]

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Inverter variable speed drives delivered from stock at

When you need an urgent / emergency replacement variable frequency inverter drive, specialist distributor comes top for service, support and delivery.   We are the specialist inverter drives division of 999 Automation – Europe’s fastest-growing on-line specialist automation supplier. 999 Inverters provides 24 hour availability from our stock of inverter VSD products.  We have […]

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Mitsubishi inverters in EPLAN Data Portal

  When using design software, engineers need component data that can be easily imported directly into their project. The web-based EPLAN Data Portal delivers around 100,000 pieces of the latest tested and certified component and device data from the manufacturers. Electrical wiring data for Mitsubishi Electric variable speed drives (VSD) products are the latest products […]

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Free energy saving software calculator from Omron

  Identify and estimate substantial reductions in energy costs Electrical motors are one of the main electricity consumers in UK industrial plants, and with Omron’s free €SAver software tool you can calculate potential energy savings from installing inverters on your pumps, fans and compressors before you spend the money.  It will help you to understand […]

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