Condition monitoring in pharma improves OEE

    Many pharmaceutical manufacturers are using new smart condition monitoring in pharma to boost productivity. Consequently, the improved monitoring helps reduce downtime as they move from batch production to continuous operation to improve OEE.   Pharma is a highly regulated sector with huge financial incentives to keep production lines running. Importantly, pharmaceutical manufacturers loses […]

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Smart glasses enhance digital transformation of production

    Mitsubishi’s smart visualisation enhances the digital transformation of production. In an increasingly competitive manufacturing environment, businesses need flexibility, improved productivity, and the capability to make gains in efficiency and reductions in downtime. Smart visualisation provides augmented reality models for manufacturing transformation.   Mitsubishi Electric is guiding users on how these requirements can be […]

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Is the rise of smart machines too challenging for UK producers?

Is the rise of smart machines too much of a challenge for UK producers?   UK manufacturing has one of the lowest robot uptake rates in the developed world at a time when productivity is on every watch list. Developing new smart technologies make improved productivity possible, and offers adopters the opportunity to differentiate themselves […]

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The immediate future for automation in the food industry

    The immediate future for automation in the food industry   Chris Evans, Marketing and Operations Group Manager at Mitsubishi Electric UK’s Automation Group looks what is around the corner in terms of automation for the food and beverage industry.   When food producers range from craft breweries and hand-made foods to some of […]

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