IMO engineers help update gantry crane using Jaguar VXM drives

IMO precision Controls make variable speed drives for specific end-user applications such as lifts cranes and hoists. They also provide specialist advise to customers looking to adopt these products.  In a recent example, IMO engineers helped a customer, by providing a solution offering improved control over a large, ageing gantry crane used to handle large […]

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The i3 Intelligent Control Station | the best things in threes.

  IMO’s i3Cube offers system builders and OEMs an Intelligent Control Station combining PLC and HMI for small applications, with lower cost, simpler installation and faster configuration. There is a choice: three basic modules with keys and touch screens up to 320 x 240; three built-in I/O options (including none); three communications options including Ethernet. […]

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Cascading water pumps ensures best availability

  The cascade pump control available with IMO Jaguar VXA (Aqua) range has been specifically designed in close consultation with water industry experts worldwide to fulfil the exacting requirements of the industry. The drives offer reduced downtime, reduced energy usage and reduced wastage/seepage.   With features, such as anti-jamming, dry pump detection, and reduce start-up […]

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