IMO Jaguar still going after thirty-three years

According to National Geographic, the life expectancy of a jaguar is twelve to fifteen years. But, IMOPC may well take issue with that when you consider the IMO Jaguar Drive and its long-standing customers. In 1984, an IMO customer fitted the IMO Jaguar VL750 drive to a pump on their Pilot Plant. The VL750 was […]

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iSmart lighting energy control

  Liberty Specialty Steels have updated their apprentice training centre lighting using IMO’s iSmart lighting energy control.  The new system provides improved levels of lighting control  and saves energy. The high-bay lights used in the 25-year-old centre were on all the time, even though the training centre operated from 8am to 6pm. Control of the […]

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IMO SD1 inverter drives tough enough for wire-cutting granite

    The customer – Bicoma – is an Italian manufacturer of automation machinery for use specifically in the stone field – cutting marble, stone, granite etc. Bicoma has a proud history as one of the most innovative companies operating in this sector, and are globally renowned for their high-quality machinery production.   Their Fast […]

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