Building IoT connectivity

With the focus of IoT and IIoT centred around manufacturing, it is easy to forget IoT connectivity in buildings. According to a Schneider Electric white paper, everyone has a stake in optimizing power system management of buildings. One reason is that power systems are more complex and sophisticated than ever. Failure could mean the difference […]

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Benefits of open platform controller for automation

  There are times in machine control that a PLC cannot give you the performance you need for a special requirement. Rather than opt for a PC or special micro controller,  a C-Controller offers an interesting alternative. Mitsubishi Electric’s C-controller can be used stand-alone controlling the I/O or integrated within the Mitsubishi Electric iQ-R control […]

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CC-Link’s OPC UA companion widening IIoT machine connectivity

Moreover The CC-Link Organisation (CLPA), and the OPC Foundation, announced a companion specification. Thus ensuring widening IIoT machine connectivity, it simplifies IIoT and Industry 4.0 implementations.   It does this by providing a unified interface between devices and IT at production sites. This simplifies the IIoT machine connectivity required for Smart Factories, and improves productivity […]

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