New widescreen operator interface

  Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its GOT operator interfaces with two new high-resolution LCD wide screens. The larger viewing area gives users of the GT21 and GT25 HMIs access to more visual information. They enhance machine operability and the potential to increase productivity. Further, they provide two Ethernet ports and a built-in sound output. Mitsubishi […]

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Is your Smart HMI hiding anything useful?

Modern automation systems generate large volumes of data about what is happening on a machine or production line. Smart HMIs provide an effective way of collating this date to provide up to the minute information about processes. Increasingly, manufacturing engineers are using the data held within controllers and HMIs to help them maximise efficiency and […]

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Benefits of wireless in automation safety

After years of suspicion, end-users are increasingly recognising the benefits of integrating wireless automation safety technologies to their industrial automation processes. According to Schneider Electric, the benefits of wireless technology in safety applications are numerous. In addition to improving safety of operators, there are also advantages in efficiency, cost, installation time and diagnostics.   Operator […]

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The immediate future for automation in the food industry

    The immediate future for automation in the food industry   Chris Evans, Marketing and Operations Group Manager at Mitsubishi Electric UK’s Automation Group looks what is around the corner in terms of automation for the food and beverage industry.   When food producers range from craft breweries and hand-made foods to some of […]

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Mitsubishi demonstrates machine applications at PPMA 2017

   Mitsubishi demonstrates machine applications at PPMA 2017.   At the 2017 PPMA Show, Mitsubishi Electric is demonstrating how the integration of robotics and machine automation deliver tangible benefits to both machine builders and end-users.   PPMA is becoming a must visit show for engineers, buyers and managers from UK manufacturing. Increasingly popular topics for […]

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