ABB UK ACS55-01 micro drive benefits to simple home applications

  The ABB UK ACS55 micro drives bring speed control benefits to a wide variety of applications such as fans, pumps, material handling systems.  The ACS55 is particularly suited to single phase residential and commercial applications and avoid the special cabling and installation costs associated with three-phase supplies. ABB ACS55 micro drives are compact and slim. Several […]

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ABB ACS55-01 micro drive for simple machines

  ABB UK ACS55 micro drives are used in a wide variety of simple machines such as automatic gates, solar trackers, treadmills, whirlpool baths and other applications. ACS55 drives are used in both commercial and domestic environments.   Popular simple machine applications include: fans and pumps; exercise equipment; gate control; conveyors, and whirlpool baths   […]

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ABB ACH550 energy saving drives for HVAC

ABB ACH550 drives for HVAC make maintaining a building’s comfort zone easy, quick and energy efficient. The drives control the speed of pump, fan and compressor motors used in air handling units, cooling towers, chillers and other heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. They help reduce the HVAC system’s energy consumption by up to […]

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