Energy savings-The energy audit process

  ABB offers a wide range of technologies that help reduce energy consumption and improve productivity.   According to ABB, the best way to startis with an effective energy audit: it will have several characteristics, but generally include for following proven characteristics:   The ABB energy audit process   Outlining the scope of supply To start, the […]

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Is it cost effective replacing functioning VSDs?

How cost effective is replacing functioning VSDs?   ABB advises replacing functioning VSDs, even if they have not failed, depending on the circumstances. But then, they would say that wouldn’t they, as they get to sell another drive. Their arguments are sound, and suggest an old drive could be costing money unnecessarily, compared to more […]

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Energy saving incentives for retrofitting VSDs

Installers of new plant and equipment, can be confident that it is energy efficient. The UK Government encourages the use of energy efficient equipment through tax and investment subsidies. The Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund provides more guidance on these programmes, including when retrofitting VSDs and other energy saving equipment.   Retrofitting VSDs There are […]

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