ABB virtual commissioning cuts project cost by 25%

Virtual commissioning cuts project cost by 25% using ABB Drive Composer Pro

Virtual engineering and commissioning allow machine builders to develop and simulate entire industrial processing lines and machines without running hardware. This provides them with invaluable savings and other benefits through the designing, commissioning and operating phases of ABB enabled machines.

ABB’s Virtual Commissioning platform lets them set up virtual drives for offline simulation, eliminating the need for testing on production lines. Simulation reduces risk and saves engineering time.

Because the virtual drive represents the same configuration as real drives, the software saves time and effort. During the engineering and commissioning of automated systems, integrators can verify various aspects of their systems. Virtual testing and simulation early in an implementation project can release cost savings of 25% as it reduces the engineering time and risk during hardware commissioning. Additionally, it creates a safe space to deliver training for machine operators or to test solutions to improve productivity.

Investment in virtual design techniques and tools is soon repaid as integrators test design concepts, save engineering and commissioning time and de-risk projects. Machine operators can improve training and test configuration changes offline. After training the users on the virtual machine, they are more confident in taking a real production line into use.

Safe and efficient design

Engineers can configure and programming drives before delivery as Drive Composer Pro software works with virtual and real drives. Virtualisation can also cover the kinematic and physical behaviour of the machine and the overriding automation.

Benefits of virtual commissioning

Throughout the value chain to field engineering and product development, virtual commissioning supports drive applications and makes it easier to:

  • Design, test and learn drive applications virtually with the same software tools as for the actual hardware
  • Train users and engineers with the simulation application
  • Tune up drive parameters off-site before going into more demanding on-site testing
  • Find and solve potential problems earlier
  • Save time and money due to faster drive commissioning
  • Assist the dimensioning and energy optimization of electromechanical drive systems

Virtual drives are offered in three editions, Engineering, Applications and System Integration  for three levels of added value. They work sseamlessly with ABB Drive Size, ABB Drive Composer
Pro, ABB Automation Builder, ABB Drive Application Builder and ABB Robot Studio software, allowing the virtual design and commissioning work happen well in advance before the real hardware is available.



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