Differences between Tesys D and Tesys D Green contactors

Differences between Tesys D and Tesys D Green

The launch of the TeSys D Green is a significant advance for Schneider Electric. The current TeSys D contactors and overloads are the largest selling line of contactors in the world. TeSys D Green is a replacement for the TeSys D series contactors up to 80A ( 37 kW 400V AC3) and offers significant performance and energy saving benefits. Here we conside the differences between Tesys D and Tesys D Green

More and more, companies are recognising their responsibility for reducing their carbon footprint. At the front of the lists are the high energy devices like motors and HVAC. However, Schneider Electric also identified that when installed in high numbers, even smaller devices have a significant consumption.These are important factors as part of an organisation’s environmental policy and practice.

Using the latest and most energy efficient technology, contactors can now have electronic coil control. They are up to 80% more energy efficient when compared to traditional electromechanical contactor coils. Moreover, they generate up to 50% less heat. Heat inside the cabinet is a major factor in determining the life of electrical and electronic components. Reducing heat also lessens the demand for cooling, and this is particularly important when there are large numbers of such devices.

They also use less materials, making them eco-friendlier in users automation systems and for recycling. Older contactors may need an interposing relay to connect to a PLC’s I/O but TeSys D Green contactors allow direct I/O connection, simplifying the system and reducing components. Reducing components and cutting energy consumption means transformers and power cables can be smaller. Cabinet fans can be smaller too because less energy consumed means less heat needs dissipation. As coil ranges are much wider and suitable for both AC and DC, it also makes stocking and maintenance spares simpler.

The new electronic coils used in TeSys D Green also handle unreliable power supplies more effectively. If the voltage in the 240V line dips to 100V a standard contactor will normally open, stopping the machine. Restarting takes time and wastes energy and may damage a batch or process. With the TeSys D Green, this does not happen

Differences between Tesys D and Tesys D Green performance

– Reduced permanent energy consumption in operation from the 1.1 W coil demand from 9 A to 38 A ratings.

– Low control current Direct PLC control for contactors up to 80 A. This allows driving the TeSys D Green contactor from a 24 V DC/500 mA computer or PLC output.

– Same TeSys D standard dimensions/terminal assignment allows TeSys D Green to replace many standard contactors improving spares and maintenance.

– Coil current monitoring and control reduced contact bounce from mechanical shock and vibration, increasing machine reliability and performance.

– Constant closing and opening times regardless of voltage fluctuation, for reliable repetitive actuation.

– For models from 9A to 65A, four coil voltages cover from 24V to 500V AC or DC meaning easier stocking.

– Reduced susceptibility to undervoltage, overvoltage and voltage dip improves continuity

– The new shortform catalogue provides more information on the differences between Tesys D and Tesys D Green


Finally, TeSys D Green joins the TeSys smart motor management system, comprising of disconnectors and circuit protection, motor overloads, and combinations devices.

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