New 690V variable speed drives from Mitsubishi Electric

690V variable speed drives


Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new range of high power 690V AC variable speed drives. The move is in support of industries using higher voltage motors due to the savings in capital and operating costs. Significantly, it is still classified as low-voltage and avoids moving to MV for some high-power applications.

The extended 690V inverter drive portfolio forms part of the FR-A800 series VSDs. The new models of the FR-A870 690V variable speed drives line covers power outputs up to 1.5 MW. The increased power is delivered in slimline modules starting from just 380mm wide, offering significant space saving potential. An additional feature is the inclusion of a built-in brake chopper on models up to 200kW to shorten deceleration times.


Users of 690V variable speed drives

Numerous applications in areas like the water industry, food and beverage and machine building have high power requirements. The flow demands of larger pumping applications in the water industry, for example, means motors are often oversized. The FR-A870 models optimise such applications, while incorporating features to reduce energy consumption and improve system reliability. In the food and beverage industry, where the likes of refrigeration compressors require inverters with greater power capability but where space within the control room is at a premium, the slim design of the FR-A870 is a particular benefit.

The built-in brake chopper offers advantages in higher-powered machinery applications with rapid acceleration and deceleration rates. It shortens deceleration time, eliminating the need for external brake units or regeneration converters, and delivers more dynamic machines. This ultimately means machines with improved throughput capability, while reducing system costs and simplifying wiring. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for an external brake, machine builders can pass on a cost reduction to the client.

Additional features include a DC reactor and EMC filter which remove the need for external ancillary components. Combined with the slim design of the FR-A870 itself also saves space and reduce wiring requirements. Along with the energy saving and optimised power usage functions, the new FR-A870 models also includes several other standard features. These include integrated PLC, a USB port for programming and parameter copying, an easy-to-read control panel, functions for improved system safety, three expansion slots and a choice of network card.

Initially, the FR-A870 690V variable speed drives power range covers from 160-200 kW. Finally, this will extend from 37 kW to 1.5 MW, forming a comprehensive range of inverters for high power applications.





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