How can Omron AI Controllers extends your equipment’s life?

Omron Artificial Intelligence


Machines with AI can perceive their environment and use the information to change the way they respond. Omron Industrial Automation has developed an AI controller for predictive maintenance and extend equipment life.

There is growing interest in using artificial intelligence (AI) in automation controllers to enhance their intelligence and improve decision making. AI becomes possible with faster processors, multi-layered algorithms, and access more data from connected devices.



The Artificial Intelligence solution collects, analyses and utilizes data on ‘Edge’ devices within a controller and detects abnormalities, preventing failures. The AI functionality in the Omron controller can identify unforeseen machine behaviour without explicit instructions to do so. The controllers then act according to the nature information, equipment and programming.

AI controllers automates data collection

The new solution reduces the risk of equipment damage and downtime by detecting issues early and prompting immediate corrective action. Users will be able to take advantage of the advanced technology to ease predictive maintenance and to prevent unplanned downtime. The new AI controller completely automates the process of collecting raw data from machines.

Operating on the “Edge” within the machine, it ensures higher data fidelity and consistency. In addition, the controller automatically creates data models from correlation analysis and monitors machine status based on that model. Without it, machine designers would need to develop their own analytics and optimisation to avoid cloud solution costs.

Detecting unforeseen machine behaviour results from many different factors and measurements that show an issue when observed together. Automating the process saves a significant amount of time and resources. Leveraging the machine learning results during production is key to ensuring end user cost savings.

Rather than being a cloud solution, the Omron approach to AI-based control involves hardware, software and in-person service. Markedly, it does not need internet connectivity. The hardware basis is the Sysmac NY5 IPC and the NX7 CPU. It includes Omron’s AI Application Components, a library of pre-programmed predictive maintenance function blocks, and many more AI specific utilities. A Time Series Database Function collects and accumulates time series data synchronised with the control cycle at high speed, and the AI Engine, which detects unforeseen abnormalities at high speed and accuracy based on the data.

Development of the innovative new solution has been through work to enables a factory of the future. One where humans and machines collaborate in harmony to reduce machine downtime, maximizes performance, and achieve zero-defect equipment.


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