Beijer X2 marine HMI not just for ships

 Beijer X2 marine HMI not just for ships

Beijer Electronics has been one of the leading suppliers of HMIs for UK industrial applications for many years. The latest X2 Series offers a wide range of operator panels for industrial applications and marine versions. X2 panels specifically meet extended classes of marine certifications not available with standard HMIs. Furthermore, it makes them suitable for all onboard locations.

The X2 marine comes from over 30 years of overall development. It is full certified as a marine HMI for handling all on-board automation systems. Its success is due as much to its user-friendly operation as its reliability. Markedly, X2 marine is custom designed for reliable operation not just in ships but offshore, on vessels and in other maritime applications.

Vessel safety, passenger comfort and cargo quality all depend on implementing the right decisions at the right time. With the panels’ advanced alarm and event management, crews can take immediate action when values fall outside the norm. This is because the panels support multiple-languages, making it usable by multi-national crews.

Suitable for all marine applications

The X2 is usable 24/7 and suitable for mounting on the bridge, in the engine room and also inside cabins. Its sun-readable displays, dimmable backlight and IP66 front also facilitate use anywhere on board at any time and in any weather. Panels are available in 7-inch and 15-inch-wide screen formats with optional 1,000 cd/m2 backlight high brightness display.

Robust aluminium housing with IP65, NEMA4X/12 and UL Type 4X/12 front. Resistant to direct rain, snow or wash-downs, dirt, grime and dust. Profile your brand or go for neutral. X2 front panels custom designed, unbranded or with standard Beijer Electronics brand. The wide -10° to +60°C operating temperature range satisfies the demands of most industries.

The optional IEC 61131-3 PLC functionality by CODESYS, runs on dedicated CPU cores for safe and fast program execution. Simply add remote I/O for a scalable, cost-effective solution. Internal isolation conforms to marine standards for both burst and surge immunity. It’s easy to interface with controllers using optional CiX CAN, Profibus or MPI modules. Panels with the high brightness option include digital outputs for direct connection of alarms, signal lights, et

Complete marine HMI functionality

The iX software gives users access to smart communication tools, so it’s easy to get an application up and running as they include all essential functions. This includes data logging, recipes, alarms, trends and audit trail. Ready-made objects with built-in functionality, vector-based symbols and graphics supplied ready for use. Furthermore, iX’s access to smart communication tools gives almost limitless connectivity to other equipment.

Finally, using X2 from Beijer Electronics ensures your application is truly seaworthy. Download the X2 brochure from the 999 Automation website.


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