New widescreen HMIs improve machine handling


Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its GOT2000 series with two new widescreen HMIs. They are the new GT21 and GT25 models. The ability to display more visual information enhances machine operability and operator experience. The new models offer two separate Ethernet ports and a built-in sound output for audible alerts or spoken information.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Hugh Tasker says: “most people are comfortable with the widescreen format. They find it much easier to use, and the extra screen area provides space for more visual information. This means less switching between screen displays, so much faster and more convenient to work with. The audio feature is also a key enabler to drive up productivity making the widescreen HMIs more user-friendly.”

The GT21 is a 7″ widescreen Graphic Operation Terminal (GOT) offering WVGA resolution. It features on-board Ethernet, CC-Link IE Field Basic, RS-232 and RS-422/485 connectivity options. The GT25 is available in both 7″ WVGA and 10″ WXGA. It has a second Ethernet port for increased flexibility, as well as supporting wireless LAN connectivity. Twin Ethernet ports allow separate connection to information system and control system networks. Different IP addresses for each increases security and safety and improves network flexibility.

Rear view of Mitsubishi GT2 widescreen HMI

The GT25 also offers a sound output interface, with built-in speaker and amplifier. The HMI can emit audible alarms and play spoken alert messages or operator instructions. Furthermore, spoken operator instructions reinforce onscreen information to reduce errors and boost productivity.

Widescreen HMIs offer remote monitoring

The GT21 and GT25 widescreen HMIs, support remote monitoring with the VNC server function. Users can remotely connect to the GOT from a personal computer or tablet. They can then monitor and operate production equipment and connect to system devices.

Extra functions on both new GOT models include GOT Drive. This allows start-up, change and maintenance of servo systems directly through the HMI. The front panel design uses stylish, compact narrow silver bezels for both models. Moreover, the crystal-clear enhanced graphics use antialiasing technology for exceptional display quality. The terminals offer a front facing USB port adding to provide further convenience for users.

Finally, the models are backwards compatible, with cut-out dimensions matching older 4:3 models. This simplifies retrofitting or replacement and reduces downtime.


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