Easy, accurate and, Simple Motion control

Mitsubishi FX5-40SSC-S

Unless you regularly design positioning and motion systems, you will find every new job challenging. Trying to remember what you did last time, or if you’re really desperate, reading the manual. RTFM as my colleague would remind me. Simple Motion from Mitsubishi Electric takes most of the pain out of configuring applications of up to 8 axes.

For use with the MELSEC iQ-F series, Mitsubishi offers 4 axis and 8 axis Simple Motion modules. They work with the built-in positioning function of the MELSEC iQ-F controller. Like positioning modules, the Simple Motion modules offer a range of precision controls. Positional control, advanced synchronous control, cam control and speed and torque control. Moreover, simplified setup of even complex motion control functions is by parameters and programming.

Powerful functions

An encoder signal interface and high-speed inputs for mark detection enable the system’s use in serial machines. This means packaging and bottling lines or palletising systems do not need additional modules.

A function for automatically calculating the cam data for a rotary cutter application is provided. Users simply enter the product length and the synchronization width.

Applications such as XY tables and sealing systems are easy to configured using the positioning functions. This includes linear interpolation (up to 4 axis}, circular interpolation (max. two axes) and path control.

Simple Motion control

Automatic operation is by entering position addresses, speeds etc. via the sequence program. Functions such as M-Code, jump functions, step mode and target address change functions are available.

Speed and torque control enable use for tension control applications such as winding and unwinding. Control is switchable between “position control”, “speed and torque control”. It is able to maintain a position with absolute position coordinates even after the switching over the control system. Where required, combining synchronisation and cam functions for synchronised control is available.

Simple programming

Programming of the motion modules uses GX Works3 software package with PLCopen@ function tools. Generation of additional data, such as automatic speed calculation and off-line simulations use special auxiliary functions.

Markedly, programming and debugging are easily carried out from your desk using a PC. 999 Automation offers the FX5-40SSC-S or FX5-80SSC-S module and a MELSEC iQ-F base unit. Neither the servo motors nor amplifiers need to be con­nected for programming and testing. This increases efficiency during setup and fault finding.

High-speed SSCNETIII/H

SSCNETIII/H is a high-speed full-duplex optical motion network developed by Mitsubishi Electric. It provides communication transmission speeds of up to 150 MB/s and a guaranteed bus cycle time of 0.44 ms.

Furthermore, the fibre optic cables make communication fully resistant to electrical interference. This ensures reliability as laying the fibre optic cables can be anywhere – even next to powerful electric motors.

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