Mitsubishi Electric launches high performance redundant controller



Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation has augmented its proven iQ-R Series integrated control platform with a high performance redundant controller. The new module creates a redundant process control system for applications that require highly reliable control. The iQ-R Series Process CPU/Redundant System is specifically designed for industries such as oil and gas, wastewater and building automation. It is also suitable for applications that require near 100 percent uptime to prevent harmful or costly disruptions.

Markedly, the safety version includes a SIL2-process CPU module and a separate SIL2-function module as a set. They sit alongside the power supply module, basic base unit and network module. This ensures continuous operation by switching to standby operation if an error occurs in the control system.


Redundant controller features

– Redundancy across multiple levels, reducing single-point failures

– High availability at multiple levels for improved system reliability

– Extensive visualisation and data acquisition with Mitsubishi Electric SCADA MC Works64

– Easy configuration with Mitsubishi’s GX Works3 integrated engineering software


Building automation systems can use redundant controllers to manage HVAC, lighting, emergency response, elevator systems and other electrical components. In oil and gas, redundant controllers can manage break systems for crane equipment, emergency shut down systems and transportation pipelines.

The iQ-R Redundant controller can reduce the damage and inconvenience when a controller fails. Moreover, it provides peace of minds for engineering and plant managers of critical plant operations. They will continue running on the redundant system without significant loss of efficiency or production quality.

This high-performing process control solution is also ideal for industries such as chemical or food and beverage that require very precise ingredient mixing and recipe management. Because their numerous production stages require tight synchronisation, a disruption in one stage may lead to bottlenecks in others.

Beyond the benefits of redundant control, the iQ-R Series control system also provides security features to protect intellectual property and plant safety. The built-in SD memory card database provides recipe and data logging functionality without the need for an external server. Using the CC-Link IE field network with deterministic performance over industrial Ethernet improves machine response and I/O synchronisation.

The iQ-R Series integrated design allows machines or production lines to consolidate control in one rack. The system can have up to 4 CPUs per rack for any combination of motion, sequence or process control. Controllers can be mixed and matched to standardise on one platform and simplify spare parts inventory.

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