New Omron NX1 with OPC UA for IIOT applications


New Omron NX1 with OPC UA for IIOT applications

Omron Automation has introduced a new version of their NX series compact machine controller. Markedly, it now includes an OPC UA server for IIoT along with Industrial Ethernet ports for EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT. The new controller integrates machine control with information utilisation, quality management and safety.

Omron NX1 supports smart machines and smart factories at all levels by providing the link between compact machines and the IoT. Overall, it improves productivity by combining functionality, information handling, quality management and safety features.

The NX1 provides motion control of up to 12 axes enabling high-speed, high-precision control. Synchronized control of I/O and motion is within a 1 ms cycle time. Built-in EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, OPC UA, and SQL support information exchange between machines. They support visualization of production status with MES/SCADA, traceability and other applications. A special multicore technology processes data without compromising control performance.

To improve productivity, users are demanding improved machine and process visualisation. These aid predictive maintenance and prevent unscheduled downtime. Further, using information utilisation improve productivity.

Addressing IT connectivity

It is necessary to easily and securely share information between manufacturing sites and host IT systems. However, high-speed processing of large data volumes increases cycle times, discouraging productivity improvements. Furthermore, there may be a conflict between high speed and precision for industrial networks at production sites and IT. The security for the connecting to the IT system may results in a significant barrier to network interconnectivity.

Using Omron’s unique multicore technology enables the new NX1 Series to collect synchronized data. Data from sensors, servomotors, and units mounted to the controller within the same fixed cycle time. NX1 provides machine control whilst executing high-speed data processing tasks. The controller can send the collected data to the host IT system while maintaining control performance.

Three industrial Ethernet ports are onboard in a compact 66mm wide module. Besides EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT ports, the OPC UA server interface for IIoT for automation and IT. They support connectivity at production sites by linking between automation and host IT systems. The database connection model stores production data in databases without using PC or middleware. This enables real-time and reliable traceability of products and helping improve quality control.

High-speed in-line inspection

Connecting with the NX-HAD4 High-speed analogue input module, the NX1 gets data from up to four insulated channels. Omron claims the sampling speed of 5 µs is the industry fastest.For example, this enables the controller to make high-speed inspection rather than using specialist equipment or PCs. Moreover. it also allows the inspection process to be seamlessly incorporated into a production line.

Integrates Control and Safety

The Omron NX1 Series combined with the NX-SL5 Safety CPU integrates control and safety features. Integrating the safety control system within and between machines means managing safety as a module. This simplifies the creation of flexible production lines.

Finally, the new NX1 helps manufacturers with predictive maintenance and productivity monitoring. Communication between machine control functionality and vital tasks take place without slowing production. It improves information handling, quality management and safety.

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