Need more than a Mitsubishi E1000 replacement?

Beijer X2 HMIs E1000 Replacement

The Mitsubishi E1000 HMI Series set the benchmark for design when launched over thirteen years ago. Despite having graced countless front panels, the model reached its end of life cycle several years ago

There are many thousands of E1000s installed across the country. In the case of failure, it is necessary to find a suitable E1000 replacement.

Mitsubishi E1000 replacement path

Briefly, Mitsubishi E1000 replacements are available from stock or to order from your authorised Beijer distributor. Where panels need replacing, it is important to have a smooth transition. Beijer’s EXTER panels offer a direct mechanical drop-in hardware replacement for most E1000 products. EXTER accepts E-Designer applications following project conversion to Information Designer software. Beijer Technical Support offers this service

A key point here is the new Beijer X2 Series is replacing the EXTER range. This gives users the option to move to the latest generation products.

In designing their HMIs, Beijer Electronics ensures ergonomics and ease of use are central to the design. X2 terminals deliver a high level of reliability, functionality and flexibility. They are easy to integrate into critical applications and processes where downtime is costly.

X2 prolongs machine life

The operator interface (HMI) you select for your machine is the closest most of your customers get to seeing inside. This means it is important to not only look the part but performs well too as it is what the customer sees and works with. The HMI can be a no frills, cheap and cheerful device to meet a budget, but does it add real value to the machine?

As a leading independent HMI produced Beijer HMIs work with all leading PLC on the market. Whatever controller the customers specifies, there is a proven compatible driver from the Beijer range. When the customer demands his preferred PLC inside, the HMI outside does not need to change, reducing work and cost.

When moving to a new HMI, the makers’ experience and an eye to the future are important. Almost as important is the programming. iX-Designer is one of the easiest programming software packages to use.

X2 as an E1000 replacement

Rather than simply replacing the E1000, the X2 Series enhances your machine with modern HMI hardware and iX Developer software X2. They are not like-for-like replacements. They have different form-factors, and there are no X2 Keypad models, and all have colour touch displays. X2 pro models have more memory and faster processors than the X2 base units.

iX Developer can import an E-Designer or Information Designer project to run on X2 models, though it may not import 100% of the functionality.

Open a comprehensive Mitsubishi E1000 conversion table here


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