GX Works3 controller software offer

GX Works3 controller software offer


GX Works3 is the latest generation controller engineering software offered by Mitsubishi Electric. The software is customised for the MELSEC iQ-R Series control systems, offering many benefits over earlier versions. GX Works3 simplifies system design, reduces repetitive tasks, and cuts down on errors.

It is easy to underestimate the importance of PLC programming software. A significant cost in the development of a new machine of production line is the development of the code. If the engineers don’t like your software, they may not choose your hardware.

It is also important for developing and maintaining any automation control system. Used throughout the systems product life cycle, from design and commissioning to maintenance of the system it can save time and money. This is particularly relevant with the growth of system control platforms

GX Works3 delivers an intuitive, easy‑to‑use software suite expected by producers and integrators. Its many new features include graphic-based system configuration, and multi-language support. From setting simple motion module parameters and positioning  data setup to servo amplifier configuration, everything packaged into an easy-to-use engineering environment.

Offered as a stand-alone software package, GX Works3 is also common to Mitsubishi’s integrated iQ Works software. Further, it includes GX Works2 and GX Developer, ensuring compatibility with legacy Mitsubishi controllers.


GX Works3 reduces engineering time

Time is money, and automating tasks saves both and reduces programming errors. So, another useful feature is the ability to automatically register parameters. To do this, double-click on the desired module and the corresponding parameters registers in the project. A parameter setting window screen opens in case the module parameters need modifying.

Conforming to IEC61131-3, it offers structured programming such as ladder and ST. This simplifies project standardisation across many users.

Based on new project test benchmarks between the earlier GX Works2 and GX Works3 reduced engineering time by 60%.

Improved System Design

Most projects start from system design, so software applications that manage this are important. GX Works3 incorporates a system design feature that enables the assembly of system components in software. It includes a parts library consisting of MELSEC iQ-R Series modules to simplify system creation.

GX Works3 uses an updated object library pre-installed in the software, and new models for adding when released. Objects like third-party partner function blocks, and libraries are available across projects. Internal devices have label names assigned rather than manually entering every device name.

The software supports global and local variables (labels). This , provides an easy way to share device names across projects, other MELSOFT software and third-party SCADA. Simply drag & drop module FBs from the MELSOFT Library into the ladder program, making programming even easier. Different programming languages are available within a project and viewed via the menu tab.


Maintenance and debugging

Often several engineers are working work on the same project. The system recognises changes directly or as an automatically generated verification results list.

GX Works3’s integrated simulator helps visualisation of the program during the debugging process. This feature also works with the motion control module.

GX Works3 incorporates maintenance features helping to reduce downtime and keep productivity high. For example, detailed operations show programs or parameters changes made in the CPU and the monitoring of system events.

Normally selling for a list price of £1280, GX Works3 is now on offer from 999 Automation at £320, a saving of £960.


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