Inverters -are you using what’s inside?



As with many factory automation products, users see VSDs simply as a way of controlling motor speed. But have you wondered why the makers of AC inverter drives regularly reinvent their products, or how they can help you? Consider for example Mitsubishi Electric’s high-performance FR-A800 inverters. Specifically designed for precision machine control, the FR-A800 suits almost every industry and application.More than that they offer many helpful  functions.


Integrated PLC decentralised control

Integrated into the drive a Mitsubishi PLC provides safe and accurate control applications. It uses Mitsubishi’s standard programming, suited for machine control specifications.

With this drive, control of the overall system is decentralised to inverters that in turn manage subordinate devices. Furthermore, the whole machine can be inverter controlled.


Multiple duty cycles

The price of an AC inverter relates directly to its rated power output and duty cycle. By offering a wider range of duty cycles, the FR-A800 offers users the chance to make significant cost savings. Further, by selecting a smaller frame sized there may be savings in cabinet size and conductor rating.

Rated current and four different overload capacity ratings: super light duty; light duty; normal duty, and heavy duty are offered. They are selectable within the drive parameters.


Integrated condition monitoring

To reduce unplanned downtime, the PLC function in the FR-A800-E drive acts as the sensor controller for configuring the SmartCheck condition monitoring sensor. Device sensors need adding to the equipment and monitored for this. For example, to the fixing bolts of rotating machine or components such as motors, shaft bearings, pumps, fans, drums and gearboxes.

Once set up, the system provides 24/7 monitoring of the machine. Checked functions include bearing defect detection, imbalance detection, misalignment detection. Furthermore, checks can include lack of lubricant, temperature measurement, cavitation detection, phase failure recognition and resonance frequency detection.


Web server and 100mbit ethernet

Adding 100Mnit Ethernet connectivity options, simplifies remote system monitoring and parameter adjustment. Further, it eases integration into existing manufacturing network environments.

The web server allows users to fine-tune production settings and reduce downtime by connecting to the drive. This can be through an Ethernet cable, or remotely using a VPN. It allows monitoring, adjustment and diagnosis of the drive improving maintenance response times.


Industry specific FR-A800 models

Most application are within scope for the standard drives, but the A800-Plus offers industry specific models. These include the FR-A800-R2R for roll to roll and wind/unwinds duty, and the FR-A800-CRN vibration resistant crane model. Specifically, this model uses dedicated anti-sway control technology suppresses the swinging, and with the automatic light-load detection function, together they reduce tact times.


Energy saving application

A sister model the FR-F800 offers many similar capabilities, for variable torque applications, and is available from 999 Inverters. These include energy saving fan and pump applications and light duty cycles.


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