Omron S8VK | More than just a power supply

Omron S8VK

To the equipment designer a power supply is critical to machine operation. If it fails, the machine, the line or the process stop too. Overall, Omron S8VK compact power supplies offer high quality, practical designs at competitive prices

By using thermal simulation for the design of the S8VK, gives the range a compact size body and high power density. Further, their robust construction withstands harsh environments providing stable operation over wide temperature ranges.

The use of Switched Mode Power Supplies is commonplace across a wide range of industries and applications. Using electronic switching, they are reliable, give a stable output, and are smaller and more efficient than linear types.

Versions are available with single phase 120-240V AC input and 5 to 48V DC outputs. Output currents range from 1A to 40A depending on the model. Its high MTBF figures, means using the Omron S8VK and your machines will keep running in stable condition for the long term.

The S8VK Series are tough, compact and easy to use. S8VK-C is a cost-effective model, S8VK-G is the standard with single-phase input. S8VK-T is the standard with three-phase input. Interestingly, the S8VK-R offers a redundancy unit, and is available from 999 Automation to order.


Faster installation

Installation is faster due to the S8VK’s minimal wiring requirements. Its easy one-handed mounting from the enhanced vibration-resistant DIN-rail mounting clip. Further, the design offers high resistance to the vibration transmitted by local machinery

The double set of DC output terminals (three for the negative terminal), which means you also spend less time and effort on wiring. Furthermore, the compact design also saves panel space


Reliable performance

Installed within the range of its derating curve the S8VK will give the same reliable performance for the duration of its service life. Specifically, the wide operating temperature range of between -40°C to 70°C (S8VK-G/T/R). This level of performance is often lacking in other power supplies.

Designed to international safety standards for global markets, the S8VK has marine approvals.








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