What is ABB drive adaptive programming?

Drive adaptive programming


The user of a VSD can control the operation using parameters. Each parameter has a fixed set of choices or a setting range. The parameters make the programming easy but limit the choices available. Users cannot customise the operation any further than the parameters allow. Drive adaptive programming gives users more control on customising the control function

Adaptive programming adds another dimension for the machine builder and end-user. It enables adapting the VSD operation for special requirements without adding relays and timers, or even PLCs. When the adaptive programme is not enabled, the drive runs normally.

It makes freer customising possible without the need of a special programming tool or language. The adaptive program uses standard function blocks included in the drive firmware. It does not affect the motor’s performance. The program consists of the three elements:

  1. A predefined list of inputs for getting information from the drive parameters to use in the adaptive program.
  2. A predefined list of outputs that defines parameters where it is possible to write from the adaptive program.
  3. A collection of states in which each state has its own block program, including inputs, outputs and state transition elements.


Drive adaptive programming

Drive composer pro software creates the drive adaptive programme using standard function blocks. The program consists of a collection of states for creating a sequence program, like a simple PLC, and it executes on firmware time level.

When the program is running, there is always one state active and the corresponding program runs until another state is active. In addition to the states, there is also a base program that executes in parallel to the active state. State transition elements that connect to function block outputs control the state changes. Editing is only possible when the drive has stopped. Furthermore, editing inhibits the start mode.

The adaptive program connects to a drive application through predefined system inputs and outputs. The drive provides the available inputs and outputs and sets the pointer parameter values according to the program. The function is enabled and disabled using a drive parameter. A backup files holds the adaptive programme, and the program starts automatically after a restore operation, unless disabled.

The use of adaptive programming improves VSD integration by simplifying changes in response to local needs. Available from 999 Inverters, ABB drives reduce the need to install additional devices, saving time and money for the user, installer and OEM


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