IMO Jaguar still going after thirty-three years

According to National Geographic, the life expectancy of a jaguar is twelve to fifteen years. But, IMOPC may well take issue with that when you consider the IMO Jaguar Drive and its long-standing customers.

In 1984, an IMO customer fitted the IMO Jaguar VL750 drive to a pump on their Pilot Plant. The VL750 was one of IMO’s first ever AC variable speed drives. After 25 years of running on their Pilot Plant, it ran a diesel generator for another eight. If you know anything about AC inverter drives, you will know that they prefer a stable input voltage. But the voltage from a diesel generator is anything but stable as it outputs crude power with spikes and ripples. After 33 years of faultless service, the VL750 is being retired and replaced with a new IMO Jaguar VXR.

The 5-year warranty as standard

IMO Jaguar drives have been long associated with quality and reliability. They remain the world’s only drive manufacturers offering warranty of 5 years as standard. Moreover, 30 years’ experience in manufacturing variable speed drives gives IMO’s engineers the edge in application expertise. Their inverter drive and application know-how also help customers achieve their optimum solution.

Even so IMO cannot claim they expected a Jaguar VL750 drive installed 33 years ago would still be in use through 2017. Is this the longest serving, variable speed drive in the world? Possibly! But there is no doubt that the VL750 controlled this customer’s Pilot Plant well in the past and into the future. IMO’s mantra “The future in control” has never been more relevant.

IMO Jaguar line-up

The latest IMO Jaguar drives available from 999 Automation includes the Cub, VXR,  and VXG models.The Jaguar Cub is a compact series general purpose drive for 1 ph. 230V / 50~60Hz, 0.4~2.2kW, and 3 ph. 400V / 50~60Hz, 0.4~4.0kW. The VXR is a mechanical handling  and general purpose AC drive for 1 Ph. 230V 0.4~2.2kW; 3 Ph. 3Ø, 230V 0.4~15kW and 400V 0.4~15kW. The high performance VXG dual rated AC Variable Speed Drives delivers constant torque applications up to 630 kW and variable torque loads up to 710 kW

To complete our AC Drives offering, we also sell the iDrive2,  an ultra-low cost AC Drive for small AC motors. It offers a huge range of features including single or three phase (up to 2.2kW).


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