Energy savings-The energy audit process

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ABB offers a wide range of technologies that help reduce energy consumption and improve productivity.   According to ABB, the best way to startis with an effective energy audit: it will have several characteristics, but generally include for following proven characteristics:


The ABB energy audit process


  1. Outlining the scope of supply

To start, the audit engineer looks at the inventory of motors contained within a plant. Most of all, energy surveys suited to fan and pump motors of 11kW or higher. This is where the savings from a VSD start to offer an acceptable return on investment. The larger the motor, the greater the savings. Consequently, the shortest payback period, is for motors 22 and 90 kW. As a result, payback times of below two years, and sometimes under one year, are normal.


ABB meets the end-user and outlines the benefits of the audit in detail, together with any help needed. At this audit meeting. ABB also provides Information on Government financial incentives.


  1. Collecting the data

The data collection phase is an active phase. It involves auditing selected fans and pumps, to determine operating parameters. This stage is usually performed over seven days or normal operation. It provides a complete picture of the plant’s typical energy use. The energy auditor will look, not only at the fixed speed drives, but also any VSDs. This ensures application is running at full efficiency. Training of local staff ensures they perform further energy audits with minimal support.


  1. Analysing the data

Software analysis of the data identifies potential savings. In addition, presenting the data as tables or graphs helps users prioritise savings for the site.


  1. Recommendations

An action plan follows. This identifies monthly savings and includes recommendations for fitting VSDs or motors. Often the recommendations will show that VSDs can provide excellent savings applications. The report should also show the expected payback time on fitting new equipment.


  1. Implementation

    Separate from the audit, site monitoring continues after the equipment installation. This tracks the actual savings against the predictions shown in the report. This will also help justify the investment in VSDs.


  1. Benefits

An energy audit is carried out by ABB or one of its channel partners brings. As a result, it:

  • Clearly identified energy savings and payback times
  • Complete audit results and energy saving calculations
  • History of other audits and associated energy savings·
  • Degree of customer training given as part of the process


Carbon emissions calculator


Carbon emissions take a higher priority on the boardroom agenda for some companies. Thus, ABB has developed a simple to use and understand carbon footprint calculator.

An on-line calculator shows how VSD controlled motors reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, this helps organisations to manage their footprint and reduce emissions over time.

Finally, for more information, go to the carbon calculator:



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