Manufacturing Intelligence & Data Management

Manufacturing intelligence from Mitsubishi e-F@ctory delivering results

Concise manufacturing intelligence, and real-time and historic reports for all personnel from the plant level to the boardroom will help all involved become more in touch with the actual daily business. According to Mitsubishi Electric, this approach is essential for implementing Six Sigma projects, TPM/ TQM processes and Lean Manufacturing. These are techniques targeted to deliver immediate significant efficiency improvements and deliver payback times of less than a year.

Manufacturing Intelligence & Data Management can help improve manufacturing and production efficiency. To that end, Mitsubishi Electric’s innovative non-PC based data logging and data collection solutions will provide this information. It seamlessly links assets to the business information systems making it easier to create meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). For example, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) may be critical to your scheduling and planning processes as well as an early alarm for maintenance engineers.


Manufacturing Intelligence is nearer than you think

Depending upon the style and type of data integration, Mitsubishi Electric has solutions to suit almost all situations. It claims that direct data connection from your shop floor controller to your management system (database/MES or ERP) can take under 10 minutes. Furthermore, the data management solutions can implement communications independent of the underlying control platform on an asset or assets. That means you have more time to concentrate on the main tasks to improve your business and manufacturing performance.

Whilst many companies have automated parts of the production process there are still a lot of opportunities improve the productivity ratio.  Mitsubishi Electric’s work on the concept of the e-F@ctory has led to the development of tools and an understanding that aid this. However, despite appearances, this is not a simple task.

Understanding your production flow is a critical element. Many manufacturing processes and plants have grown organically over the years, making them sub-optimal. For them, the focus is to measure and monitor every step of every process.


Improving productivity with e-F@ctory

e-F@ctory is the Mitsubishi Electric solution for improving the performance of any manufacturing enterprise. For users, it provides key benefits of: reducing total cost of ownership; maximised productivity, and seamless integration.

It was born out of the expertise Mitsubishi Electric has developed as a global manufacturing enterprise. In light of this, Mitsubishi is now sharing its expertise with its customers through the e-factory alliance.

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