CC-Link IE Field Network Basic simplifies Ethernet networking


Mitsubishi Electric’s recently launched CC-Link IE Field Network Basic compatible products to further leverage networking on the production floor. It simplifies connection with almost any device having an Ethernet port.


With recent trends of IIoT, network connection of devices and equipment for small-scale systems is becoming more popular.  CC-Link IE Field Network Basic simplifies this network integration requirement because its cyclic communications stack is software-based. This means it does not require a dedicated ASIC helping to reduce implementation costs for device partners.


CC-Link IE Field Network Basic - Protocol structure


Support for IIoT

New specifications that support the use of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) are available in CC-Link IE. The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has announced the addition of CC-Link IE Field Network Basic. It is an open field network using general-purpose 100Mbps Ethernet communication in the CC-Link IE Ethernet network line-up. This enables device control and visualisation through CC-Link IE simply by implementing the software on Ethernet devices.


Implementing IIoT visualisation of production sites means connecting a lot of devices and equipment to the network. However, some older devices and equipment are not networking enabled. This can create problems and limit the networking and visualisation with the IIoT.


CC-Link IE Field Network Basic

CC-Link IE Field Network Basic is a new option making such devices and equipment compatible with CC-Link IE. Notably, it allows device compatibility with CC-Link IE simply through implementing software on a device. Hence device makers can add this compatibility to almost any product with an Ethernet port. Hence making support for the network easier and faster to implement.


The approach is simple, yet continues to offer the functions of CC-Link IE such as linkage with host IT systems. CC-Link IE integrates the entire production site, including already network-enabled devices and equipment, realizing an environment ready for IIoT use. This provides a major benefit for both the users of the devices and the vendors who develop them.


The communication speed of CC-Link IE Field Network Basic is 100Mbps. This is sufficient bandwidth for the functions required for visualization, such as collection of operating information. CLPA is already providing free sample code to members developing compatible devices, expected to appear this fall at the earliest.


Go here for the CC-Link Partner organisation in Europe

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